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"Everybody is somebody's most important person in the world."

It is the responsibility of organisations, leaders, supervisors and colleagues to make sure that person gets home safely.

This is why the Tripod Foundation exists. We can help you on your journey to become a better and safer company. We believe this can be best achieved using scientifically proven methods that push organisations forward.

We provide thought leadership, and we develop, promote, and ensure high quality delivery of proven methods to learn from events and sustainably embed learnings into your organisation.

And we've been doing it for 25 years.

The Tripod toolkit:

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Tripod Beta training courses: New dates added

We just announced new dates for an open Tripod Beta Bronze course. To book your place go to Tripod training.

Tripod lite has now been published

Designed to help non-experts carry out effective investigations, get it for free here.

Investigation insights: A new toolkit for leaders and investigators.

This tool will help leaders make sense of incidents.  Find out more here.

Watch the launch webinar recording here:  Toolbox presents | The role of leadership in accident investigations - YouTube

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